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Service areas and projects

Preliminary consulting

Before confirming formal commission, we will work on preliminary consulting on your demand. Let us concerned about your objectives and questions.

Introduction to existing researches and data
Proposal of project and project schemes
Cost simulation

Service areas and projects

Since its foundation, FMRIC has been an important government related organization to provide research, investigation and consulting services to MAFF, local governments, industry associations and private firms. Our research area covers whole food chain from production stage to processing into last consumption. In these decades, we gained considerable know-how, networks and skillful researchers dealing with food industry. We utilize these resources as much as possible to reach solutions that are satisfactory enough for your objectives.

TraceabilityResponsible, SAKAI
Technology DevelopmentResponsible, HASEGAWA
Statistics of Food/
Food Products
Responsible, SEKINE
Food Industry SystemResponsible, SEKINE
Wholesale MarketResponsible, EBATA
Consumer BehaviorResponsible, SAKAI
MarketingResponsible, SEKINE
Meat and EggResponsible, SEKINE
Milk and Dairy ProductsResponsible, SEKINE
Organic ProductsResponsible, Ono

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